Witch, please!

Overknee socks make this summer dress transform into a fall dream. Mixed with this hat, the look can easily be mistaken to be a casual witch outfit.
 The hat, dress and boots are from H&M.

In the past people always told me that I look like a witch (because of my nose) and this destroyed my confidence, because who wants to be told to look like a mean, ugly, old woman while being in their teens?!
Right, no one!
Now in my early twens, my mind has changed. Witches were no ugly old women, they were powerful, intelligent and forward-looking creatures. So it's actually a compliment...

Always try to transform your weakness into your personal source of power...

Have a nice day/night ☺

xoxo ♥ Cwkie


First for First

So this is going to be the first post of my new blog :)
I will try my best to post regulary about vegan food (with recipes), lifestyle, fashion and beauty. 
The person in the photos is me and I am not good at striking good poses and doing good facial expressions, so don't be so mean in the comment section. ☺

So I am wearing a men shirt mixed with a bodyhugging peplum skirt and black combat boots. I personally love to mix masculine tops with femine bottom parts, so it looks less formal and more casual. That's the reason why I call this style buisness grunge. 
 Short story, everyone was looking at me when I bought the shirt, the cashier even laughed about me but I think only because I am a girl, that doesn 't mean that I am not aloud to wear men clothes. 

So remember:
Fashion is the right to express yourself and nobody can tell you who you are. So stay true to yourself and do not give any f... what anybody is saying about you.

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                         Have a nice day/night and don't forget to eat your cookies ;)

                                                                  ♥ Cwkie